Key Stage 2 Resources


These resources have been designed to support different areas of the primary curriculum and can be downloaded for free on the resource page:


During Key Stage 2 pupils learn about change and continuity in their own area. As part of their historical enquiry pupils should be taught how to find out about the events, people and changes studied from an appropriate range of sources. To this aim this pack contains photographs and newspaper cuttings from their local area.


During Key Stage 2 as part of their literacy pupils are expected to study non-fiction writing. This resource contains the necessary writing frames and information that are required for the pupils to write their own newspaper sports report.


During Key Stage 2 when studying Materials and their properties pupils compare everyday materials and objects on the basis of their material properties, including hardness, strength, and flexibility and to relate these properties to everyday uses of the materials. Objects from the DAFT collection will be used to illustrate this as part of the presentation.


2 front cover

3 Starter Activity

4 word_newspaper_template with instructions

5 word_newspaper_template with logo

6 DAFT newspaper_plan

timeline DAFT

British_History_Timeline Activity 1 version with Bishop & West Aukland

British_History_Timeline Activity 1 V3 Shildon

British_History_Timeline Activity 1 V 2 Spennymoor