Pink Snips

This new section gives snippets of reports taken from the Sports Despatch (“Pinks”) newspapers which are available from the “Newspaper” section of this website.   The papers cover the years 1946-68.  This page will be updated from time to time and it is likely to take some time to get to the end of 1968!  Watch out for a blog when new material is added.


Sept. 7th.   Bishop Auckland with the signing of Wynn (Auckland Park) brings the total of goalkeepers on the books to 12.

120 clothing coupons were subscribed by supporters to re-outfit the Crook Town players, presented by Ramar’s.

Sept.21st.   Players are standing firm on higher wage demands for a £12 maximum winter wage and a £10 wage in summer. Deadlock reached between the Player’s Union and the Football League.

Shildon entertained Easington C.W. in the preliminary round of the F.A.Cup before 3,000 spectators.

Sept.28th.   Brilliant weather and a record crowd of 5,000 for the first round of the Durham Benevolent Bowl between Crook T. and Bishop Auckland.

Oct.5th.   South Bank kicked off with 10 men in their home game against Shildon.

Oct.19th.   Interest was so keen in the F. A. Cup game at Crook C.W. that of the 5,000 spectators present 1,000 were from Consett.

Oct.26th.   The Bishop Auckland number of goalkeepers now exceeds 20 (see Oct.19th.)

It was chiefly left to Consett to entertain the 4,000 spectators (see Oct.19th.)

Seven busloads of supporters came with Shildon to South Bank (see Oct.5th.)

Nov.30th.     A crowd of approx. 7,000 watched the F. A. Cup game at Stockton v Lincoln City.

Dec.7th.   Tow Law 0 West Auckland 1 match abandoned owing to darkness.

Dec.14th.   West Auckland and Penrith make a 5th. attempt to settle their F. A. Amateur Cup tie when they meet at Feethams (Darlington) after games at West Auckland, Penrith, Carlisle, and North Shields.

Dec.28th.     The Football League Management Committee recommended that wages be increased immediately by £1 a week for those on a basic wage of £5 or over,and by 10 shillings (50p.) a week for those earning under £5 and also proposing that the maximum wage be raised from £10 to £11 in the winter and from £7.10s. to £9 during the close season.


Jan.4th.     A crowd of close on 3,000 gathered for the South Bank v Middlesbrough Reserves North Riding Senior Cup-tie at South Bank.

Jan.11th.     Players go on strike. Cup- tie ends at interval. There was a sensation in the Consett v Eppleton C.W. Durham County Cup-tie today when the Eppleton team refused to take the field for the second half. After half time Consett ran out in jerseys and mufflers,but Eppleton refused to leave the dressing room, one player had collapsed. The referee recalled the Consett team from the field and told the Sports Despatch that he would have to report the matter to the Durham authorities.

Jan.18th.    Larger Stadium than Wembley needed.Why does the F.A. not use some of its vast wealth in obtaining a much larger stadium than Wembley for its important matches.The maximum capacity of 93,000 is nothing like big enough.It is no exaggeration to say that a ground holding 200,000 would scarcely be enough for either the F.A.Cup Final or the England v Scotland International match.

Jan.25th.   Several Sheffield United supporters who arrived at Wolverhampton at 4.00a.m. and were at the ground at 7.30a.m. helped to clear away four inches of snow from the pitch.The ground was cleared by noon.

Jan.25th.   The attendance at the F.A.Amateur Cup  first round replay between Bishop Auckland and Shildon was 8,625 with receipts of £325.

Feb.1st.   Whitby United found some difficulty in finding the Stanley United ground and were directed to West Stanley,but they made up their time and were ready for a prompt start but lost 7-2.

Feb.1st.   A proposal for the formation of  one Third Division and two Fourth Divisions – one North and one South is on the agenda of the F.L. Management committee.

The attendance at the Bishop Auckland v Marine F.A.Cup second round was 6,145 with gate receipts of £317.

Feb.22nd.   Football boots fitted with chains in place of the regulation studs are being tried by Doncaster Rovers players.

Bromley beat Ferryhill Athletic 4-3 in the F.A. Amateur Cup third round in front of 5,300 spectators with receipts of £252 at Ferryhill.

A PRACTICAL REFEREE.  Mr.W.E.Wood(Luton) who refereed the game between Leyton Orient and Norwich City today adopted an unusual method of testing the fitness of the ground.He arrived early and with the help of two or three of the ground staff kicked a football around for a spell.Finding he could keep his feet quite well he declared the game on.

March 1st.   Soccer Hold Up: The Worst In History: Despite the advent of March the big football hold-up,the worst in football history,continues,with the North and Scotland most affected owing to the renewed snowfall.

March 15th.  Bishop Auckland beat Bromley 5-1 in the 4th.round of the F.A.Amat.Cup the only game on in the district, Att. 9,409 Receipts £477-6s-10d. Bishops now meet Wimbledon.

May 3rd.   Wensley scored 5 goals in Spennymoor Utd. 6-0 home win over Eppleton C.W.

May 10th.   Leahy scored 6 goals in Cockfield’s 7-1 win over Whessoe.

Aug. 23rd.  Douglass scored 6 goals in Bishop Auckland’s 9-2 win at Whitby United. 

Aug. 30th.   At Whitby this afternoon Mr.Jim Glasper,trainer of Shildon AFC was officiating at his 1,000th. game. Since joining Shildon, Mr.Glasper has seen his team play 30 finals and win 16 cups.

Sept. 20th.   The visit of Brandon to Easington in the F.A.Cup(Prelim.Round) attracted a gate of well over 3,000 at the Welfare Park today.

Oct. 16th.   1,500 spectators accompanied Easington C.W.when they visited West Auckland today in the second qualifying round of the F.A.Cup.

Nov.8th.   A crowd of between 5,000 and 6,000 was present at the start of the F.A.Cup 3rd.qualifying round replay between Ferryhill Athletic and Easington C.W. today.

Nov.15th.   Bishop Auckland and North Shields met for the first time today in the 4th.qualifying round of the F.A.Cup. Att. 5,012  Receipts £ 269.1s.

Ferryhill Athletic entertained Stockton in the 4th. qualifying round of the F.A.Cup. There would be 4,000 present at the start.

Nov.22nd. At the end of 90 in the F.A.Amat.Cup game between Billingham Synthonia and Saltaire with the score 2-2,the visitors refused to play extra time,although the referee decided on further play.Saltaire refused on the grounds that extra time had not been agreed upon before the start of the match.

Bishop Auckland and West Auckland drew 5-5 in the semi-final of the Durham Benevolent Bowl. Att.4,401. Receipts £235-9-6d.

Dec.20th. Football followers are on short rations this Christmas but the players are a good deal happier than usual. Instead of playing three matches in four days with much travelling in between,for this season they will be able to spend at least one day at home.With Christmas day on a Thursday this year it would normally have meant three successive playing days .The Football League considered that this would be expecting too much from the players so decided that clubs should play no more than twice.


Jan.31st. The F.A.Cup game between East Tanfield C.W. and Moor Green was abandoned 12 minutes from time after several of the players collapsed due to the bad weather conditions. Six of the visitors team and two of the home team had to be taken to the dressing room in an exhausted condition. A number of players also left the field in the F.A.Amat.Cup game between Stanley Utd. and Yorkshire Amateurs,but the game was continued for the full period.

Feb.7th. Bishop Auckland entertained Annfield Plain in the Durham Challenge Cup second round replay. Att. 4,768 Receipts £254.

Feb.14th. Bishop Auckland beat Norton Woodseats 5-0 in the F.A.Amat.Cup third round.Att. 9,469  Receipts £478.

Feb.21st. Jeffries scored six goals in Stanley Utd.’s 7-2 win over Evenwood.

Feb.28th. Bishop Auckland beat Wycombe  Wanderers 6-2 in the F.A.Amateur Cup 4th.round at Kingsway. Att. 10,127 Receipts £512-8s.-0d.

Mar.27th. Stanley Utd. took the field with only seven men owing to a breakdown in their transport arrangements in the home game v Ferryhill.

The first visit of a Continental team to Bishop Auckland attracted an attendance of about 7,000 to the Kingsway ground.the spectators were entertained by Shildon works band.

April 10th. 134,000 spectators at Hampden Park for Scotland v England.

April 17th. The final of the Northern League Challenge Cup between Tow Law and South Bank at Bishop Auckland attracted about 2,500 spectators.

Sept.4th. Roy Stephenson 16-year-old Wolsingham Grammar School boy signed for Burnley F.C. after playing for Crook late last season.

GO BY AIR  a few seats vacant  CHESTER V DARLINGTON Sat.11th.Sept. Fare £4/5s.

Sept.11th. Stockton visited Darlington Reserves watched by 3,446 at Feethams.

Sept.18th. For their F.A.Cup-tie with Murton C.W. West Auckland turned out in new gear,the gift of two supporters.

Oct.2nd. The F.A.Cup game at Stanley attracted the biggest gate of the season,with Easington having 16 bus loads of supporters.

Oct.9th. Darlington v Rotherham, Att. 14,560 a Third Division record for the ground.

Hartlepools v Hull City, Att. 17,045 a ground record.

Oct.16th. About 3,000 attended the F.A.Cup  second qualifying round at Evenwood where Horden C.W. brought with them 12 bus loads of fans.

Jane.Ferrihill’s centre forward scored all five goals in their 5-2 win over Whitby Town.

Oct. 23rd. Darlington v Doncaster Rovers, Att. 15,236 a Third Division record for the ground.

New wave of enthusiasm at Feethams – Need for a bigger and better ground.

Oct.30th.HordenC.W. brought over 800 supporters to Stanley Utd. for the F.A.Cup third qualifying round making an attendance of over 3,000.

Nov.27th. Bainbridge of Blairs Welfare scored five goals in the first half against Middleton Wanderers to lead 6-0, with the full time score being 10-1.


Jan.29th. There was a loud roar from 5,000 spectators when Shildon won the toss v Thameside Amateurs in F.A.Cup second round.

Willington v Cambridge Town F.A.Cup second round, Att. 6,500 Receipts £327.

Feb. 5th. When the teams lined up the attendance was estimated at over 7,000, F.A.Amateur Cup second round replay.

Feb. 12th. On heavy ground at Workington, churned up by a Rugby League cup tie in the morning Spennymoor opened strongly before 3,000.

Feb.19th. Twenty-three bus loads of Spennymoor supporters invaded North Shields this afternoon for the North Eastern Challenge Cup tie.

Feb.26th. Crook kicked off before 8,000 spectators v Marine in the F.A.Amat.Cup 4th. round.

Mar. 12th. A new attendance record of 18,000 tickets (first all ticket match ) was sold for the game v Hull City.

Larmouth scored five goals for Willington v Ushaw Moor in the Durham County Challenge Cup semi-final.

April 16th. At a Northern League Management Committee ,Heaton Stannington were fined 10s.(50p.) for a late start at Shildon. A letter was received from the club stating that the bus had been delayed by a blizzard.

Sept.3rd. REFEREE’S QUIZ – How much should a goalkeeper be protected?

A crowd of over 10,000 was packed into the ground to watch Bishop Auckland and the touring Nigerian team, all but two played barefooted.

Biggs scored five for Willington v Seaham United in the F.A.Cup extra preliminary round.

Owens netted five for Stanley United v South Bank.

Raymond Plews scored five goals for Shildon Utd. (now playing at Shildon F.C. ground) v Woodland.

Oct.29th. Bob Hardisty scored five goals for Bishop Auckland v Heaton Stannington.

Nov.12th. There were about 6,000 spectators for the F.A.Cup 4th.Qualifying round between Stockton and Bishop Auckland.